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DBM REFLEX is a key and trusted supplier for all types of optical inserts. Reflex, Reflector , Fresnels, Micro-Optics, Micro-Cones, Step optics, TEXILIT™, Free form optics, Optical Surfaces and Texture replication. All those inserts are manufactured by highly experienced employees using the most advanced machines, material, and technologies.

To guaranty that your optical parts will meet your photometric, efficiency and aesthetical expectations, DBM offer different services:

  • Our technicians and engineers will validate with your optician that your geometries and surfaces finishes are compatible with machining and molding constraint before starting to cut steel.
  • We can also provide optical simulation reports considering the different manufacturing specification to validate your optical design performance in advance before waiting for the prototypes or the first of tool parts.

Manufacturing processes such as Electroforming, High-Speed cutting machining and Diamond Cutting machining are part of our DNA. Since 1971, we are consistently looking for new manufacturing technologies to offer the best fitted solutions for our customers and keep our leader position in the industry.

We can machine your inserts in many materials such as Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Nickel, various alloys (Nickel-Phosphore, Nickel-Cobalt). We can also make thin film deposition for high wear and corrosion resistance of the inserts to increase their lifetime for your high volume parts needs.

One of the latest technologies developed at DBM is the capability to replicate micro-geometry from a silicon wafer master. This process allows us to provide nickel inserts with a nanometer precision copy of the optical features made on the silicon wafer. This is a great solution for Micro lens Array or Diffractive optics molding needs or other micro-optical features.

You can find more detailed information and specification of our machining capabilities in our customer handbook. Feel free to send us your questions or request via our online form . (faire lien vers page customer handbook et contact)

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