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In order to meet current and future industry needs, DBM Reflex is equipped with high accuracy 5 Axis CNC milling centers. These machines are installed in a controlled environment room.

The system keeps the temperature variation within +/-0.1oC (+/- 0.18oF). This excellent thermal stability allows DBM Reflex to machine optical insert within very good tolerances, especially on large or complex parts. These CNC centers runs 60000 rpm using specific spindles that improve surface finish, efficiency and dimensional accuracy compared to standard ball-bearing spindles.

Those machines are designed with the latest technology that let machining at high-speed with keeping the positioning control accurately (0.00001mm). With its state of the art hardware and with its proprietary software, DBM Reflex provides excellent surface finish of less than Ra 20 nm and corner radius up to 0.050mm to customers. Those results are obtained on inserts or directly on molds optics with no inserts.

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